2019 Subaru Crosstrek Limited: Why I’d Buy It


As for which Crosstrek we’d buy, the hybrid would certainly be tempting. After all, it’s both quicker and more fuel efficient. But because we don’t have charger access at our apartment, a plug-in hybrid doesn’t make sense. Oh, and it’s $36,000 with destination. We could probably swing a decent down payment after selling our Forester, but we’d still have to finance at least $27,000 after taxes and fees.

Even with a scarily long 60-month loan and 3.5 percent interest, our monthly payments would be about $500. That would be doable, but we’d have to make cuts in other places that I’m not willing to make. Once you get used to eating fresh Parmesan at home, there’s no going back to Kraft sprinkle cheese.

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Instead, we’d probably drop down to the Crosstrek Limited. The Premium’s even lower base price and manual transmission are appealing, but my wife doesn’t like driving stick. And after you add the automatic transmission and the EyeSight package, the Premium’s price advantage all but disappears.

In terms of options, we’d keep it simple: Cool Gray Khaki paint, the rear seat back protector, and the crossbar set in case we need to add a cargo carrier at some point. Because Apple CarPlay comes standard, we don’t need to add navigation. And although the upgraded audio system and moonroof might be nice to have, they’re not a priority.

It would still be pricey, but I think we’d be happy with our decision for a long time.

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